Only those able to demonstrate distinct quality in management can be considered for inclusion into the Superyacht Refit Group.

Your guarantee that a refit will be carried out in the most professional manner. All yards within the group work to recognised standards: ISO9001, OHSAS or their own equivalent and full knowledge of MCA Compliance. This will mean that the management, its structure and its practices will be accountable and fully audited. The highest levels of customer service and quality assurance will be adhered to with appropriate insurance cover and with the provision and honouring of warranties.


Just as all yards have the required quality in management, so the standard of work must mirror these attributes.

All yards within the group will conform to their national or international quality standards. These standards will be applicable to the facilities, technical ability and equipment that ensures the quality of the product from engineering to paint application. A capable and committed workforce is essential and will be the key to a successful refit.


Precious objects demand the utmost security.

You need assurance that your most precious possession is being looked after and safe during its time out of commission. All member yards, for this reason, must be secure and employ a twenty four hour security procedure. It is imperative in these times that access can be monitored and the yard complies with the ISPS code.


Superyacht owners particularly will have seen how delicate the balance is.

The need to look after our environment is becoming more and more important. Superyacht cruising grounds are often in the most exotic destinations, and often the most threatened by pollution. Our member yards must adhere closely to the strictest waste management and environmental protection guidelines. Each must facilitate or be equipped for waste management and have the correct environmental protection equipment in place to reduce the effect to the soil, water and air, in accordance with best environmental practices.