AMICO & CO Report Busy & Exciting Season

Amico & Co has reported a very busy season, stating that since September 2011, 45 yachts have been serviced and / or repaired. In addition, Amico has completed eight paint projects on yachts up to 62 mt, seven technical refits on yachts from 35 to 56 mt and three major interior, structural repair and alterations from 24 to 70 mt.

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Amico & Co has also completed the upgrade on three of its state-of the-art refit and paint sheds; with the air draft increased up to 22 mt, thus allowing it to accommodate yachts up to 60 mt.

The new and improved sheds are all equipped with centralised systems such as heating, overspray recovery, lighting, and additional necessary utilities such as antenna TV and black water.

These improvements allow hauling out, indoor transportation and the hull blocking of a 60mt LOA in just one working day upon yacht arrival at the shipyard.

In addition, Amico & Co has completed the design for its dry-dock shed upgrade. The new dry-dock shed will be increased in both in height and length, and will be capable of accommodating yachts up to 75 mt. Work will commence during summer 2012.

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Amico & Co report that after several meetings, the Italian government and marine industry have agreed, in principle, on amendments to the tax exemption for foreign owned yachts and commercial yachts; the final legislation is expected at the end of February 2012.

For more information please visit Amico & Co.

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