Amico announces major expansion of Genoa refit facilities

Amico & Co, the Italian superyacht refit and repair yard based in Genoa, is launching a major expansion of its facilities believed to be worth some €35m.

The plan, which was announced during the Monaco Yacht Show, became operative in early 2018 with construction of all new infrastructure now underway. It is due to be completed by 2019.

Since 2015, the family-run shipyard in Genoa has been designing and promoting authorisation for new developments by proposing an ambitious master plan to the Genoa Port Authority for developing a new Megayacht Hub.

Amico & Co already has the ability to refit yachts of any size at its existing facility.

“We are now well advanced with the yard’s major infrastructural developments, a new megayacht marina, and our proposal for a completely Italian refit experience,” explains Alberto Amico, chairman. “These are the three main drivers that will allow Amico and Genoa to compete on the world stage as a market leader and go-to destination for yachts over 40m (131ft) and up to 150m (493ft).”

Amico’s current facilities offer eight slots up to 90m (296ft) in total with covered dry-dock/refit sheds. Due to the increase both in client demand and average size of yachts, it has become evident that new initiatives and investments are required to create greater overall capacity.

The expansion project includes new dry-docking solutions, larger and improved megayacht berths, better crew areas and contractor services, plus a more efficient connection between the yard’s marinas and the city.

Realising these improvements will further enhance the Genoa refit shipyard, founded 27 years ago, to new heights in terms of the range of facilities available in the megayacht refit sector.

The new expansion extends across a 15,000sq m area and within this there will be a new 4,000-tonne shiplift able to accommodate yachts up to 95m (312ft) with a shore-moving system capable of transferring yachts on the hard without interference between the different slots.

The three open on-the-hard slots, plus the six refit sheds for yachts up to 60m (197ft), will still be operational together with the 835-tonne travel lift. The two covered graving dry docks will benefit from improvements to create the most efficient service and refit facilities in the 90m-100m range available on the market. Further open graving dry-dock solutions up to 200m will provide added value to the existing services.

From November 2018, Amico & Co will start partial operations in the new Megayacht Marina in the eastern part of the yard. An area of approximately 60,000sq m will undergo a transformation, thanks to a €5.5m investment in new quays, parking spaces, improved logistics, crew-dedicated areas, public areas and services, with 80% of the investment completed by 2019. The marina will accommodate mainly superyachts and megayachts up to 110m (361ft) LOA.

New dedicated crew services, which are now operational, help to make the refitting at the yard a smoother experience for crews. The Amico shuttle runs between the shipyard, dry docks and the city centre from Monday to Friday after working hours, and on Saturday evenings, making it easier for crews to return to their rented accommodation or frequent sport facilities and enjoy the nightlife in the vibrant Genoa city centre.

As part of an initiative to upgrade the experience of Genoa for the yachting community, Amico & Co, together with 30 other local partners and specialist companies, recently founded the “Genova for Yachting” association. The initiative has established a fruitful and consistent dialogue with the local Port Authority and city administration to facilitate positive change.

This includes creating easier logistical connections between port and city, providing new services and office areas throughout the shipyard facilities, and maintaining the yachting community at the forefront of the Genoa East waterfront development that will take place from 2019 to 2022.

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